Online Sexologist



Do you prefer to communicate in English? No problem!


All the services of the online sexologist are available in English.

Below follows a summary of the main information of this website in English. 

If you have any questions about the possibilities, please feel free to contact me through the contactform.



A sexologist can help and guide you when you have sexual difficulties. Examples are low libido, pain during sexual activities, thoughts or feelings that you are worried about, erectile dysfunctions, orgasm dysfunctions,...


When you enter therapy, we start with an intake. You receive an intake form that you may fill in and return. Then, we plan the intake session in which we discuss what the problem is, factors around the problem and start making a plan to deal with the situation.


The online sexologist offers different options to communicate, which are Skype video chat, Skype chat, email or phone. It is up to you to choose what feels best for you. 


A session takes about 60 minutes. 



Mini Consultation

The idea behind a mini consultation is to create the possibility to freely approach a sexologist with your questions of worries. 

This option does not replace therapy, but is meant for brief questions that do not require therapy. If you are not sure which option suits you best, feel free to contact me.

The options for communication are phone or email.



Sexologist on Whatsapp

Sexologist on Whatsapp is a new concept that creates the possibility to communicate about problems or worries that you have concerning sexualitiy with the online sexologist. This option is not meant as a way to do therapy but is very suitable to ask for personalised advice.

You can app for 5 workdays after ordering. Mail me to see which day you can start.